Witt Lowry – I Could Not Plan This Lyrics

And “I don’t mind” is where the demons roam
Last night I met fear, doubt, hurt, hate, pain
Told me, “If you don’t change, then we don’t go”
They’ll give us life, and then we don’t grow
They got me thinking, “Am I really in control now?”
This whole town doesn’t really feel like home now
My family been sayin’, “Mark, you gotta slow it down”
Out on a date, she say, “You really on your phone?”
“Wow,” livin’ through my phone now
I’ve been feelin’ disconnected
Everyone around me, they would never get it
Do they love me ’cause I’m hurtin’ or they get the message?
Only love me when I’m workin’ ’cause they want percentage
I remember late night writin’ here to tell you the truth
Back when I was too broke, servin’ tables just to pay for a booth
Back when really, I had nothin’ to lose
Back when—ugh! Fuck it, brace yourself for the news
Last year I saw my dad pass away right in front of my eyes
A couple fake friends told me who they were in disguise
My ex-girl told me nothing, but lies
So maybe I was just in love with who she was in my mind
I been lost inside my mind lately, I been losin’ track of time lately
It’s like I barely know who I’m lately
I been prayin’ for a sign lately, I been yellin’ at the sky lately
My only question that was “Why?” lately
Why is it I’m weak if I show the people I feel?
And why is it they told me that time is all that can heal?
And in time who needs to heal me? Been searchin’ for somethin’ real
And I know that we attracted the energy that we deal
I been overthinkin’, overthinkin’
And nowadays I find ’em over-drinkin’ on a weekend
The people yellin’, “Where is Mark? ‘Cause we fuckin’ need him!”
See, this is somewhere you can go when you feel like there’s nothin’ else to believe in
I never could plan the doubt, I never could plan the pain
I never could plan the number of people screamin’ our name
I never could plan the love, I never could plan the hate
I never could plan the love we turn into hate when it’s fake
I never could plan the fear, I never could plan the hurt
I never could plan that I will be helpin’ people with words
I never could plan the heart that was put inside of my chest
I’m a human here with a vision, no less or more than the rest, ahh

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