V6 – Orange Lyrics

Orange Lyrics

At the corner of the spacious sky,
I saw the color of the city reborn
I can’t hear your voice
because we’ve been so much matured

For whom is that bell chimes?
I am standing still on my way back

Frightened in this absolute darkness,
wondering when I could find the detour
The gentle dancing wind is shaking
both the trees at roadside and my heart

When will we meet again?
Smiling, I just wave my hand to you

If only I could turn the clock’s hand and return the
time to yesterday
What will you inform right now to me who keep on

That very same question is endlessly repeated
by the sleeping orange-colored sun

My slightly chilled hands are
carrying a soul that belongs to no one
Still this excited chest is
concealing the words that can’t e fully conveyed

From here to somewhere as the destination
This night a ship is boarding for a new trip

The clock’s hand is gently keep on shredding the time

See, my unstoppable ringing pulse is piled up
If only the countless wish buried me
even these infinite holes could be felt dearly
Passing through those childish season
The sleeping orange-colored sun

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