Kate Bush – Astronomer’s Call (Live) [Act Two] lyrics

[Spoken Monologue]
Hello? Yes, hello?

Am I through to the coastguard? Over

Yes, look, um…

I’m calling because, er, well…
I’m out observing the meteor shower tonight, I’m on, erm, Church Rock, and… I’ve just received a rather… well, erm, actually it’s extremely alarming, erm, message

It was very faint and, erm, staticy. I think he said that his ship’s name is “Celtic Deep” and that he was sinking. Er – fast

Well, no – er, yes he did! He gave, er, some co-ordinates, yes, he did. Er, he gave, erm, a… 7… a 9… but the, er, the signal was breaking up and, I tried to reply, you know, to tell him, er, that I could hear him, but, er, there was just dead air

Yeah, just now – two or three minutes ago just before I called you the transmission… died

Well hasn’t anyone else reported it? Have you not heard anything about it?

My name? Wha-wha-er, sorry – what’s my name got to do with anything?

Oh, come on! Come on! If a man says “Our ship is going down” isn’t that enough?!

Oh, to Hell with your protocol! There’s a ship out there, in real trouble. It’ll be dark soon… look… I need to know that you’re going to do something, please

Well, I don’t know! You’re the coastguard for fu- *tut*

I think these people are depending on me. I’m the only one who heard them. Please. Do you understand?

Hello? Hello?! Can you hear me?


Kate Bush – Waking The Witch (Live) [Act Two] lyrics

[Spoken Intro]
“Wake up.”
“A good morning, ma’am. Your early morning call.”
“You must wake up.”
“Wake up.”
“Wake up, man!”
“Wake up, child! Pay attention!”
“Come on, wake up!”
“Wake up, love!”
“We should make the night, but see your little lights alive.”
“Stop that lying and sleeping in bed; get up!” (“Ma needs a shower, get out of bed!”)
“Little light…”
“Can you not see that little light up there?”
“Over here…”
“You still in bed?!”
“Wake up, sleepy head!”
“We are of the going water and the gone
“We are of water in the Holy Land of water.”
“Don’t you know you’ve kept him waiting?!”
“Look who’s here to see you!”

[Refrain 1: Kate Bush]
Listen to me, listen to me, baby!
Listen, baby, help me!
Baby, help me, help me!
Listen to me, talk to me!

[Verse 1: Witchfinder , Chorus]
You won’t burn
Red, red roses
You won’t bleed
Pinks and posies
Confess to me, girl!
Red, red roses
Go down!

[Bridge 1]
Spiritus Sanctus in nomine…
Spiritus Sanctus in nomine…
Spiritus Sanctus in nomine…
Spiritus Sanctus in nomine…

[Verse 2: Witchfinder , Chorus]
Poor little thing
Red, red roses
The blackbird
Pinks and posies
Wings in the water
Red, red roses
Go down!
Go down!
Pinks and posies

[Bridge 2]
Deus et dei domino inferno…
Deus et dei domino inferno…
Deus et dei domino inferno…
Deus et dei domino inferno…

[Refrain 2: Witchfinder, Kate Bush]
What is it, child?
Bless me, father
Bless me father
For I have sinned, uh

Help me, listen to me, listen to me, tell me!
(Red, red roses…)
Help me, baby! Don’t go!
(Red, red ro— …)

[Verse 3: Witchfinder , Chorus]
I question… your innocence
She’s a witch!
Help this blackbird!
There’s a stone around my leg
Damn you, woman!
Help this blackbird!
There’s a stone around my leg
What say you, good people?!
“Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!”
Help this blackbird!
Well, are you responsible for your actions?
Wake up the witch…
Help this blackbird!

“Get out of the waves!”
“Get out of the water!”

[Spoken Interlude 1]
Okay, Jim, there’s no sign of her. Backtrack up the search area to the northern quadrant. Woah, woah… hover still a moment. Is that something in the water there at about 4 o’clock? Swing to starboard 3-1-20. Good. Good. Now, drop down to about 40 feet

[Instrumental Interlude]

[Spoken Interlude 2]
No, false alarm. It’s just a lump of flotsam, probably from the wreck. As you were, Jim. North by northwest against her likely drift

[Instrumental Interlude]

[Spoken Interlude 3 and Outro: Chorus]
Roger that, command. Can confirm we’ve now hoisted up the crew of the “Celtic Deep” and all but one of the passengers. Bit shaken up, some minor injuries, but nothing major. Stings in the [?] to leave the job unfinished, so we’ll continue searching the area for the missing female as long as we’ve got fuel in the tank. Better have the police track down the passenger list and contact her family pronto. Over
Help this blackbird!