CCUPCAKKE – artoons lyrics

Pullin’ up on my hit me
Stay on like a wristband
I don’t kick it with no hoe
If you wanna kick it get a kick stand
(Fuck off)
All these bitches are big things
(Big things)
In my corner is big mans
(Big mans)
Try to run up on me then saw the clock and the bitch ran
Hella times when I’m making raps I make these niggas look stupid (Look stupid)
Alot of motherf*ckers full of sh*t so you know they walk around pullin’
(They pullin’)
They dropping friends like left to right
To be honest with ya they hurting
Cuz a man mouth water when he see me
I’m assuming that nigga thirsty
Sweet as 16 but no it ain’t sweet
This is the beat put it first on me
No he ain’t can’t get ya
They squirt all over your teeth
They yellow yellow yellow sh*t
Niggas boutta get a grip
Can’t take me nowhere but wanna film
Make you a motherf*ckin trip
Ring a round the rosy
Pockets look like quacamole
Pussy good just like chipotle
You look like a holey moley
Gotta pray for better days
Bitches weak like seven days
Maxi chopper not no clippers
Light them up and catch a prey
If I see characters like bugs bunny
I’m bat man robbing for the money
Strip a bear feet like the flinstones
Make a tom and jerry on the way home
I’m a snack you out like scooby doo’s
Suck a smurf dick thats balls blue
I don’t look for niggas so f*ck waldo
Bitch, I’m cocky like johnny bravo
Fake hoes, we can’t
I could block you like a tampon
If I step infront of a niggas hood
They like “Oh Boy”