Jacquees & Dej Loaf – Fuck A Friend Zone (Fuck A Friend Zone Album)

[Intro: Jacquees]
Aye whoever the last nigga you was dealing with
You can tell him it’s over with
Diggin yo vibe
I’m Jacquees
(Nash B chilling)
Yeah I know you Dej Loaf
I know you fly, fresh
Know I was dying just to see you

[Verse 1: Jacquees]
It was the end of 2014
Just signed a deal with Cash Money
This way before I had the Matte Jeep
I heard this record called "Try Me"
I downloaded "Sell Sole"
Yeah I was fucking with ya mixtape
Me, Hennessy, & U
Thinking how many shots would you take
QueMix 2 put it on my tape
2015 caught you in valet
All black dress I’m thinking no way
Short brown lady yeah this is my taste
So I take a shot I wanna meet Dej
She say I play your songs everyday
Took a picture put it on my page
I think she feeling me and my wave

[Verse 2: Dej Loaf]
I used to watch you on Youtube, eh
So when I met you it’s like I knew you
God Damn, God Damn, he done blew
Ain’t that shit a blessing why God choose us
If I had to choose I would choose you
Lil Dej I’m just looking for a cupid
God Damn, it’s amazing
Dreads wasn’t long and you had braces
I know you heard the rumors
Talking like I’m taken
But it ain’t nothing that can’t be replaced yeah
Look at how time flies, by
Wanna be yours and you wanna be mine

[Bridge: Jacquees & Dej Loaf]
So why we wasting all this time
You done went from tomboy to a dime
I think we a make it
Fuck what they saying
Music love making
Yeah you’ve been patient
Why we keep playing
Why, why we keep playing
Dej Loaf
I just wanted to sing your name

[Outro: Jacquees & Dej Loaf]
He said fuck a friend zone
Got him on his best behavior
How you do that
He said fuck em
He said fuck a friend zone
Got him on his best behavior
How you do that