Bullet For My Valentine are working on a “brutal, heavy, and technical” new album

“So it’s not ideal, and we did have a lot of plans for the rest of the year for writing and making the record, which are on the backburner now until further notice,” he said.

Pressed on the sound of their upcoming album, Tuck replied: “It’s pretty brutal, to be honest. It couldn’t be more of a contrast with ‘Gravity’ in a ferocious style. It’s very technical.

“I don’t know why. You’ve just gotta go with what you wanna go with – as a band, as a musician, as a songwriter, you’ve just gotta go with what’s floating your boat, and this time around, the heavy stuff is just coming out in masses.

“The riffs are crushing. There’s probably 60 percent aggressive vocals, 40 [percent] clean, which is a ratio we’ve never really dabbled with before.”


He continued: “It’s very heavy, it’s very technical. For the Bullet fans out there that kind of like that side of this band, it’s very cool and very exciting. It feels good.”

Tuck also confirmed that production duties have once again been taken on by Carl Bown, who helmed ‘Gravity’ and its predecessor ‘Venom’. On the latter release, Bown served as co-producer alongside Colin Richardson.

You can watch the full interview in the above video.

Bullet For My Valentine performed in the UK this time last year as part of 2019’s Slam Dunk Festival, which was held in Leeds and Hertfordshire.


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