Darrein Safron – Call Logs (The Intro) (Call Logs Mixtape)

Call Logs

[Verse 1]
See the lights
On the phone
Hear the love
In your tone
Call you, When I’m
Gettin’ close
Call Logs

[Verse 2]
She just wanna chill (yeah, yeah)
She just wanna chill (wanna chill wit’ me)
She been hurt before (oh yeah)
She can’t tell when it’s real (oh yeah)
Tell her homegirls how she feel (how ya feel?)
When she call ’em on the phone
She love ‘em but’ll never call
Call logs

Glad you called
Glad you called

[Verse 3]
Call my phone if you wanna, I been thinkin’
Bout you, when I wake up, ‘fore I go to sleep
Then I dream about your perfect love story
Hope you read about it
In the call logs, know I ain’t callin’ long
Hope you know that it’s not for long, You the
Piano to all my songs, If you singin’, I
Hope that you singin’ long, To these
Call logs, Go check your voicemail
I hide my frustration there, Girl why you playin’ with
All of them players, That you can not cover
Up face like it’s facial hair, Yup, in them
Call logs, I’ll give you my password
Just make sure you ask first, love that holds
Beauty and glory there, watch how many that
My stories tell, through the call logs

Darrein, hello
You there?
Hello, this is your mom
I know you’re not at work right now
You should be
I know you were probably in the studio all night last night
Where are you?
You need to wake up