King Chip – Headed West (Intro) Lyrics

We’re on that Cleveland shit
My nigga Chip
We takin’ it down in Cali
To the West Coast
We doin’ some different shit
That Clevelafornia shit

Yeah, takin’ off, Burke Lakefront, and landin’
Burbank, hoppin’ of the PJ, toastin’
Nigga never gave a fuck about the police
Roll through Inglewood, ro-ro-roastin’

Chip the motherfucking guy
We on that expensive shit
What y’all know about LA?
Niggas want come down to LA
Most of these niggas don’t survive
But come from Cleveland

My whole hood’s can roll
Nigga was poor, all he got a lil’ dough
Moved to the Left Coast
Rapping everywhere I go

You’re build to last
You’re build to last
We on that expensive shit

Cleveland, hoe

These niggas ain’t ready
They ‘bout to get this word, listen

St. Clair
I’m headed west
I’m headed west