Fatback Band – King Tim III lyrics

Alright y’all
Here we go!
Just clap your hands
Then stomp your feet
Cos’ you’re listenin’ to the sound
Of the sure shot brat
I’m the K-I-N-G, the T-I-M
King Tim the third and I am him
Just me, Fatback and the crew
We’re doin’ it all just for you
We’re strong as an ox
And tall as a tree
We can rock you so viciously
We throw the height in your eyes
And bass in your face
We’re the funk machine
That rocks the human race
Skate down, boogie shock
Come on girl, let’s do the rock
Slam dunk, do the jerk
Lemme see your body work
To the break everybody, to the break everybody
2, 4, 6, 8…
Fatback don’t you hesitate
Party people who like the groove
Now the time to make your body move
Doin’ to the rhythm, and let it all hang out
Don’t be jivin’, you got to show what you be about
Catch it, catch it, catch the beat…
Do it to me and I’ll do it to you (say what)
To the break that keep the same ol’ beat.
‘Bout a while ago I wanted to know
Just who you’ve been listenin’ to
I’m the voice of King Tim III
Tellin’ what I want you to do
A little left hand right hand in the air
And you’re slammin’ like you just don’t care
Put your left leg out, the right leg in
Say the left is out and the right is in
About a quarter to four somebody was at your door
Well you wondered “who it was?”
And you started to shake n’ shiver
So I said it was me, yo, little old cous.
I said “opened the door n’ let me in”
I’ll rock ya so good, you won’t hear it again, I’ll rock ya so good, you heard bells ring, they went ring ding dang, ding, ding, ding…
To the break everybody
Do it to me, n’ I’ll do it to you
Stomp your feet then claps your hand
Cos’ you’re listenin’ to the sound of the Fatback Band
Ain’t nothing new in what I do
Cos’ i’m doin’ it all just for you
I’m hotter than the tea, I’m sweeter than honey
I’m not doin’ it for the money
I’m sugarcoated double dunk chocolate MC man
I’m sweeter than the almond joy
And gramma’s sweet old jam
I’m the modified, the rectified, kazinctified, quadruplified, kaput the fied, kazuktafied, to rock you all mind all the time
To the break everybody
It’s on in, on in, on in, on
Like hot butter on say wot the popcorn
Do it to me n’ I’ll do it to you…
To the break everybody
You keep the tap in your step, the hip in your hop
You don’t stop till you get on the mount top
Once you reached the top you won’t be alone
You got King Tim on the microphone
Just grab your partner, you start to swing
Cos’ i’m well known just like Burger King
I don’t sell burgers or french fries
I’m only here to make your nature rise
Just grab your partner round n’ round
And grab her by the butt n’ boogie down
Just open up your jacket, and open up her brass
And dance like at the Mardi Gras
I’m the man of action, the main attraction
The girls call me the satisfaction
I’m the Romeo, the Casanova
Here tonight I’m gonna get over
To the break everybody…

Watsky – Royal Fuckups Lyrics

All my royal fuckups
All my royal fuckups
Don’t let stuck up folks go keeping you down

All my royal fuckups
Come on let’s get fucked up
All my royal fuckups
Rack your Burger King crown

You gotta grow the roots if you want the tree trunks
You want a garden then you gotta pull the weeds up
Look do you want to suck seed?
Yeah I want to suck seed but fuck it planting seeds sucks
From Brooklyn to Seattle
You want the cream, squeeze the udder on the cattle
I fell off of the horse so many times I’m thinking that some mother fucker must have spread some butter on the saddle
I’m getting battered when the ump is yelling batter up
Not jumping when the pitch is coming
But I didn’t have a cup or grab my nuts and nobody would blame me if I emptied out my bladder like a baby babbling before this battle
I tried to storm the castle
I went to court, the judge he hit me with his gavel
So would you rather be up the creek without a oar
Or have somebody beat you with the paddle?


They say you fail a hundred times before you really win
And then you fail a hundred more before you will again
If that’s true then I’m a diligent 1 in a million failure
I’m brilliant
I was a silly little freak
Didn’t listen when the teacher told me not to speak
So she moved me and my desk out of the classroom and I sat out in the hallway for a week
I had to yell my name for roll call (Watsky!)
I tried to take it higher like a pole vault
In time all of my problems tend to snowball
But when I fall I can’t be angry it’s my own fault
So if they throw salt, they get a shake of pepper
The bitter beginning means the victory will taste better