Lil B – Secrete Obsession Lyrics

Keep it real, I’m the realest, nyuh

God’s Father
2012 Lil B mixtape shit
Yeah it’s my mixtape, my mixtape better than they album, you feel me haha
I been doin this shit man, what yall talkin about man
You feel me
Man this some real shit

A lot of niggas slept on flows, told me I wouldn’t make it
From rhymin out the basement, to climbin on top of stages
Had to clear my air, never resorted upon the dangers
Put niggas under dirt like John Gacy
But I remembered how I started flowin in front of faces
It was 6th grade at P.E. tryin to remember
My nigga Leron Derrick G told me, write up on the paper
We would all compete on, who rhymes was greater
And they exposed me to lined paper
That’s when my whole fuckin life changed, I’m the greatest
Started rappin colder, Lil E showed me to pace it
My nigga that showed me the faces
In 7th grade a young ass nigga thought I was older because of my facial
First time I got head and, gave her a facial
8th grade, passin up school mane, occasionally
Thank god for summer school, I threw my education
When I hit high school I was sorry, a little blatant
That’s when I met L, started choppin it up occasionally
I realised he was a cool nigga but I couldn’t say it
We got a [??????] in skatin
And one day he offered me out to record
That changed my heart rate from normal, to pacing
Hit the studio…. … rappin man
EJ started cookin, writing verses up on replay
My first real hit was featured up on his demo
Called “Run Nigga Run”, I’m not speakin on relay
He told me he had a fan verse on replay
That’s when I told him I had somethin to free-say
Then I met Stunnaman right before the Wolfpack
That’s when he was Keith, but that’s the look
And I made my first solo, we on the grind and took that
But we did a remix, I felt I shook rap
We had a big session freestyle around the table
That shit started progressin and fuck with honest label
I recorded at his house, but I’m skippin some major fables
Started a cool company called the Boss Man label
But it didn’t work out because it didn’t even fit us
Then we seen the table, maybe 10th graders had earnings
Mic below the navel, and the shit was so unda man
I wonder

I got into a lil trouble man
Caught the cases, the bad kid from Berkeley, can’t replace it
But that shit fucked up my mental and made me lazy
So I slacked off of rap and started thinkin about my problems
My heart went from pacin, above joggin, act normal
Sometimes I feel I wanna replace it
You feel me?
When my grandpa died I feel like I was outta location
God damn

But yo niggas can tell this my diary, a blessing
My mum said your skin get thicker with lessons
Introduced me to the greats and started blowin up sessions
A wild crazy kid went home, lookin for chess and
I played the world pretty damn good, I guessed it
I had a secret life… … death was my obsession