Smoke DZA – Badabing’s Theme

Kush God, bitch
Once again
The cold non-stop, it’ll never end
Foot on neck season
Modesty is over
This that shit Tony was listening to in the back of Badabing

Rugby Thompson was his song
Ain’t no need no part two it, let me walk you right through it
Shit I’m in another zone
Hit Fraudy on the line like I’m ready come on
Niggas right back on
Call of Duty kills like I’m Kim dot com
Got to separate the dealers from users
That shit is foolish
Talk tough but when you see him Confucius that just confuse us
Oh you just playing the game
Silly me for being real cause we don’t play it the same
Hit ’em with that Daniel-son, crane
Bucket low flying down Biscayne
Can’t ask for much but some hoes from Reno
Limonata San Pellegrino’s
Ah everybody’s rapping, we know
Bunch of Scarfaces, Ninos
I’m Michael Corleone with the say so
Still got love for you nigga but you Fredo
Set the paddle boat on fuego
Pressure up, foot on cuello
You could never match what I embody
All the shit that I done bodied prolly bodied your man
Nigga fuck your favorite rapper
And fuck his opinion it never mattered nigga he just a fan
And Big Daddy they jack knifed my style
Nigga Fraudy like HBK when he lost his smile
Bounced around the world like an orphan child
Give a chain to my little man like you flossing now, shine nigga
So many nigga want to be me get in line nigga
Its time nigga
To grind nigga
He has risen

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