Rick Ross addresses buffalo escape issue with neighbour

Now, taking to social media, Ross has addressed the comments and reassured his neighbour that there is no risk of the animals injuring her children. “Everybody that wanted a statement and a response for my bulls, my cows [and] a couple of buffaloes that got away in the community – this is my response,” he said on an Instagram story.

“I always return stray animals. Make sure to always keep a collar on your animal. And mine don’t have a collar ’cause you know it’s mine. So when you see my buffalo, give it a carrot. Give it an apple,” he continued. “They’re so kind and so peaceful. Thank everybody for watching. Thank everybody for making sure all my animals got back into the Promise Land.”

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In another clip, Ross also thanked TMZ for breaking the story and reaffirmed that buffaloes are herbivores. He also used the response as a way to draw attention to his collaboration with Deacon Whiskey, inviting viewers to “have a drink on me”.

Earlier this month, the ‘Money In The Grave’ rapper released a new documentary following his sold-out Red Bull Symphonic show. Taking place in Atlanta last year, the gig showcased classical reworks of Ross’ cult hits, including ‘I’m A Boss’, ‘Hustlin’ and ‘Tears Of Joy’.

Additionally, back in January, Ross proclaimed that he would never drive a Tesla as he fears “the government could tap into the brain of the car”.


Shared by All Urban Central, the clip explained that he thinks a smart car could potentially drive him to the police station against his will. “What, you think it can’t? That bitch self-drive[s],” he said. “If you get in that … it’s gonna lock the door and take you where it wanna go.”

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