Quinn – Full Circle

(Prod. ayokay)

(Intro: fade in)
They’re in love
They’re in love

(Chorus 1)
Aye, aye, words that I say
Downtown the light’s out but we choose to stay
I don’t know where this may go
These strangers know all the words in my songs
I tell she lovin’ our style
Shit makes her face red wheneva I smile
I lay down, takes off her clothes
Wake up, I leave for the door

Tell myself I don’t need a drink
I got champagne iced in the sink
They keep callin’ me for the link
Music’s there, but then still I think
I need ya!
Aye, aye, words that I say
East Coast to West Coast, we rhymin’ all day
I really do mean what I say
New York City to LA
Got me feelin’ like oh, no, we bout to blow
We just lay down, 16 songs in a row
You been told, this time you should know
(Now to get your girlfriend in the mood)
(Here’s a lil number by Quinn)

(Chorus 2)
Hey, baby, come inside of my room
I need you to leave out all of that news
I need you by my love and it’s all
Because you love me!
You don’t want me outta your sight
But I can’t stay here all of these nights
You need me by your side
And it’s all because you love me

(Verse 2)
And the man starts speakin’
That’s the sound of the week-end
Left my problems to dry
I’m loungin’ all in the deep end
I can chose whenever I wanna sleep in
So tell me where to go
And they can start peepin’ songs off my new album
Shit ain’t even got a title
Just started singin’, already shit on yo iDles
Smilin’ back at me as they rotated on vinyls
Sun-shaded vibes fill up a room and bloom with my arrival

(Bridge x2)
Roll one up then you pull one out
5 am when we go to sleep
And I’ll be up and I’m feeling good
This is how it’s supposed to be

(Chorus 1)