Mike G – #Been letras

[Intro: Mike G]
Aye, Yeah
Yup, yup
Mike G
It’s that party shit, that old school
You know we had to come through
Keep it real groovy
We gonna do it like this

[Verse 1: Mike G]
Aye! Yo!
All my ladies on the floor, with the best décor
Give me everything that’s yours
Give me something to adore
It’s not enough I need more, places to explore
When I shoot, I’m a make it off the backboard
Counting trips off shores, it’s hard to keep score
When you shine this bright, it’s hard to see stars
Getting so high, trying to live above the law
Move so fast so others can’t get involved
I seen dude’s lose often, fools too soft
Running off with the sauce
Hundred thousand kids saying "this dude’s awesome"
Any fake friends along the way, I hope I lost ’em
Any events might cause presidential pardons
[Verse 2:Mike G]
Any ratin’ nation give em ten like (?)
Hop in the porsche and skate off like Erick Koston
Out the blue might just shoot like John Stockton
Thats three points
Watch how you walkin
Step to them (?)
Can’t take the bitches with me, they talk cause they annoyin’
Make it out the streets to seek better employment
Niggas like me might rush your apartment
Niggas like me rock adidas, the three stripes
Now three strikes
Dreamin just to get my cream right
Gotta get my team right
Just stream flights