Mic Righteous – His Story (Dreamland Album)

Let the beat ride as we ride this
As life spills from my tongue, even what I sealed, I still rap my story with love
So check it out

[Verse 1]
Monday morning comes, we hit the lab
Did my first track with the first verse, never turned back
I went home that night, I needed back that vibe
All I wanted to do was sit in the studio and write
Next day, 10 o’clock, on my jays
I went back, stray dog
Pen and a pad, banging that same squat
Banging on a dude’s door, it’s 12 o’clock
Been here for two hours, who’s counting, at 11 I was banging on the letterbox, outside, it was baking hot
30 degrees, hoodie still on
Door opens, [?] jaw swollen, just woken
Yawning like "Morning Ray, na it’s almost 4 I thought your dad-He’s like "Gone to Turkey"
He’s like "Can’t just turn up and walk inside"
What happened last night?
He told me "I can’t lie
I should’ve never let you in plus Jack invested in this equipment, now he’s getting pissed
We’re letting people in that he’s never seen"
I’m like shit, fuck, in the blink of an eye
I think of a lie
Anything to get the ink from the lines [?] from the sheet
So I told him "He’s sweet"
Jack knows me
And if I give him some P, I could record for a whole week
Not thinking that he could phone man like that yeah I’ve been caught out
Not thinking about the fact that this plan ain’t thought out
I can’t even fork out four pound
How can I pay Jack? I couldn’t even afford snout
He could walk in while I walk out
I can’t back down and turn back now
Plus fuck that ’cause school’s boring
To my surprise, he falls for it
Like "Ah well, [?] Jack now, calm down
So when do you wanna start [?]?"
"Ah fuck it, I’ll start now"
So when do you wanna start [?]?"
"Ah fuck it, I’ll start now"
No handouts
Now look who the man now
‘Cause I left school when I was fifteen
No one to hold me, tell me get clean
I got a job washing dishes for a living
Wasn’t in it so I quit it
How I did it was a mystery
I didn’t do it, it was Mr. E
I didn’t rest that weed, the rest is history
21 songs better off, one step towards another life
And Jack walks through the studio door just when I thought I was done in time

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