Matthew Dear announces new record ‘Preachers Sigh And Potion: Lost Album’

“I’d say that was the beginning of this album,” Dear explained. “Realising I could apply what I’d been doing in the computer to the other music I loved and grew up with.

I am releasing a lost album from 2008. It’s called “Preacher’s Sigh & Potion” and covers a portion of music that could have altered the musical direction of my career. It’s fun to wonder- but now you can hear two songs and stay tuned for the full release on June 25th.

— Matthew Dear (@matthewdear) April 6, 2021

“As we age, we get trapped in thinking our output or creativity needs to mature as well. Some of that is unavoidable, but listening to these songs reminds me to not think so much.”

The project was inspired by US country artist Emmylou Harris as well as Dear’s father. “On one trip down to Austin, I took some of my dad’s equipment and tried to lay out a song using what I knew about techno arrangement but use his guitars and various small instruments to layer a more organic loop-based sound,” he said.


Dear has previewed ‘Preachers Sigh And Potion’ today (April 6) with two new tracks: ‘Muscle Beach’ and ‘Supper Times’. Each arrives with an accompanying official visualiser, which you can see above.

Other tracks to be featured on the forthcoming album include ‘Sow Down’, ‘Never Divide’ and ‘Heart To Sing’. You can pre-order/pre-save the record here and find its full tracklisting below.

1. ‘Muscle Beach’
2. ‘Sow Down’
3. ‘Hikers Y’
4. ‘Never Divide’
5. ‘All Her Fits’
6. ‘Supper Times’
7. ‘Crash And Burn’
8. ‘Heart To Sing’
9. ‘Eye’
10. ‘Head’
11. ‘Gutters And Beyond’



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