M.I.A. announces she’s selling one-of-a-kind digital artwork as NFT

“KALA COYN and the GARAGE DANCE series is a living, breathing, psycho-spectral canvas that crystalizes this moment in time for me,” M.I.A. said in a press release. “Visually, it’s a mind fuck and embodies everything I’ve loved about the digital art arena. It’s only now that the appropriate gallery for my work finally exists.”

GIF THANKX 🙏🏾 pic.twitter.com/mXFhTjKpGy

— M.I.A (@MIAuniverse) April 1, 2021

Bidding begins on April 8 at 9:00pm and will be available for only 24 hours.

Last month, Nils Frahm has condemned NFTs in a new interview, saying that the increasingly popular new format is “crap”.

During a conversation with The Independent, the German contemporary composer expressed his thoughts on the NFT (non-fungible token) cryptocurrency craze that has recently been embraced by the likes of Kings Of Leon, Grimes, Lindsay Lohan and Aphex Twin.

Frahm told the publication that he believes NFTs were “the most disgusting thing on the planet right now”, adding: “Even some of my heroes like Aphex Twin are selling, sorry, crap for 130,000 bucks.”


Meanwhile, Calvin Harris has spoken out in praise of the ongoing NFT craze, saying that it has the potential to “completely revolutionise the music industry”.



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