Locksmith – Epic (feat. Mark Battles) letras

[Verse 1: Locksmith]
Nothing can stop me
Nothing can break me
There’s nothing to lose
I know they watching
I know they shaking
I put in my dues
Follow my voice and you’ll find it
It’s sad but I’m often reminded
You get what you give forget or forgive but some are just blinded
See everything I did I would dream about
Everything I hid to appease was doubt
Every instinct to rethink or blink is a chink in your armor where a seed could sprout
Some nigga’s seem devout
But the fake loyalty I could be without
Every goal that I set for myself was a bet for myself
No sleep ’til I see this out
I came in with nothing, I promise
The one thing I had, I was honest
I always knew I would see commas
Speak from my heart, but be humble and modest
As a youth they would shoot in my neighborhood
Not hoop, but in bombers
Playing while death was upon us
Running through Richmond all in my pajamas
Rapping my heart out for days
Dreaming of moments to hop on the stage
Thought I would slip but I got out unscathed
Finally felt like I turned a new page
Not bad for the young boy
Some ployed thinking rap had ’em employed
Then void any position I had ’em dissed
This is the gist of the uncoy

[Verse 2: Mark Battles]
Open up your eyes, there’s a lot to see
On top, no apostrophe
Nigga’s stay with the cannon like photography
Used to want a pot to pee
Now I feel like LeBron how I drop the heat
Playing in they [?]
You guys high five but it’s not complete
Quit acting crazy
Rock a nigga like a napping baby
I’m the one she snapping lately
Hit it one time and I’m Patrick Swayze
F ain’t the team, nigga that’s the Navy
Cause it [?] got the matching ‘cedes
Purge every word no [?] maybe’s
Learn what we learn and we pass the statements
No further questions, just leave a message
[Verse 3: Locksmith]
But if they leave a message, I’ma leave a death wish
I’ma speak from the soul, I don’t need direction
I’ma lead feet first, I don’t need protection
Other rappers spit sick, I’m disease infected
I’ma, unsettling, meddling nuisance
Throw you my two cent to give you the blueprint
When I do vent, some of you nigga’s will lose it
My bad if one of the shoes fit
If it fits the bill, then it’s you to blame
If you knew what I knew, you would do the same
Took my first vacay I made from rap money
Nigga’s will act funny but views insane
Not bad for the young dude
Some feud thinking rap had him subdued
Then view any position I had ’em dissed
This is the gist when we come through

[Outro: Mark Battles]
Open up your eyes, there’s a lot to see