Lil Uzi Vert – Shooters Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Yeah Yeah
Rollin’ backwoods to the face
I just fucked your bitch all in her face aye
.40 Smithon Wesson all on my waist aye aye
Reach my pistol now you first 48 aye
Now you missing without a trace aye
You is not on no First 48
Oh, I will leave you dead ay, hollows in your head aye
I got shooters, I got shooters, aye
I got shooters, I got shooters, aye
I got shooters
Fuck your bitch all in her coochie yeah
This Uzi will mute you yeah (shut up boy)
My dirty lil niggas will do ya
My DC niggas dirty doing
What are you pursuing aye aye aye
Lil Uzi be Rari coupin’ aye
Yeah, I fuck all these bitches with no condoms aye
I might end up fucking your mama aye
Everything I got is designer yeah
I’m tryna fuck on your mama yeah
Please let me fuck on your mama yeah
Blowing up the scene like I’m Osama yeah
I got that chopper yeah, boy you is an opper yeah
You talking to 12, aye, boy this chopper give you hell aye
Diplomats you smoke with hellrats aye
Boy this chopper give you hell, aye
Boy you better chill aye
Diamond grill its on chill
Taking Xanny on my pill, aye
Boy you got a pill aye
AK banana clip with active peel yeah
My girl black hair brazilian
My crib bigger than a building
All you lil boys is my children
Oh my god what is this feeling
Never had this much money (oh my god)
So im counting all this money (yeah yeah yeah)
Her pussy is sweet like honey boy you is so bummy
She sniff that coke til her nose runny
Can’t no fuck nigga run me
All these bitches now they love me
Yeah don’t put nothing above me
Don’t put nothing above me

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