Kodak Black – Jail House Blues Lyrics

Hello this is a prepaid call from Lil Billz

Ohh, said y’all wanna know about some uhh
But I’m out here, uhh
Oh-oh-ohhh, that kind of jail shit, ohhh
That behind the wall shit, uhhh
Cool (?) slide you know, ohh
I call that (?) y’all already know that, ohh
Sniper gang, uhh
Bitch when I rap I ain’t have to rhyme, ohhh
So I can tell y’all identifiers, uhhh
And why I got blood in my eye, ohhh
They see this light, and forgot that he’s traumatized, uhh
When I was just tryna be there for my child, ohh
I call Lil (?) I say where (?), ohhh
And I didn’t mention they got me doing time, uhhh
I guess I’ma sees you in the afterlife, ohhh
Thought you were the best but that shit there flying, ohhh
Life gave me lemons so I made lemon lime, ohhh
Girl you so pretty you make me fantasize, uhhhh
But I was just tryna peep your inner thighs, ohhh
She keep it tight as lil (?), ohhh
Me straight come through and bust that pussy wide, ohhh
Don’t say you mine cause therefore you’ll be lying, uhhh
If I don’t own that shit, don’t say you mine, ohhh
Take up my prayers even though I’m confined, ohhh
They call me 1K cause I’m one of a kind, ohhh
I’m Kodak Black, young and I’m in my prime, uhhh
Like a lil boat, I’ma bode my time, ohhh
I ain’t had no guidance so I was committing crimes, uhhh
Ain’t had no daddy and that’s my reason why, ohhh
When it hit the fan these niggas’ll drop you down, uhhh
These niggas’ll sing, act like they in the choir, ohhh
Do you really love ’em? Do you speak all the time? Ohhh
They showing, they getting mad, blowed my mind, ohhh
The niggas I came up with be the ones despised, uhhh
I just wanna see all of my niggas shine, ohhh
Once you love me, I’m out here getting money, ohhh
Either the love when the nigga out here bubbling, ohhh
What about when shit ain’t looking too good for him? Ohhh
Would you hold it down? Would you still be my wife? Ohhh
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