Kodak Black – Again Lyrics

These hoes ain’t shit we bag em and keep it movin’
I ain’t see ya round so long where the hell you been?
Zoes in this bihh we ready to get to shootin’
Had my nigga down so long he bout to lose it
And my jaw locking on molly it got me chewin’
Had to take the gun from lil dj cuz he be gookin’
Front my dog a half just to see what he gonna do with it
I be on the road getting to it I be maneuvering
Younging he a fool with that tool that boy a hooligan
I know you ain’t clutching for nothing lil nigga use it then
I just have ménages à trois Just me and two women
Turnt up, fucking all night i got that boot in me
Aye she on two xanny
I just got that [?]
Pull up they like who in it?
She gon pop her pootnanny
Fuck a role model I was looking up to Wally dem
Taught me if a nigga play gangsta lil nigga body dem
I might take a trip back to Brooklyn and fuck with johnny dem
I might buy a whole pound of broccoli & smoke some vitamins
I broke my wrist I’m looking for ibuprofen
How I’m swimming in the money
Should have been a gold fish
First I saw lil cool in that water he was floating
He was looking cool in that water so i dove in
First I was snatching chains switching started poking
First lick i hit up the road i made four bands
I don’t know him you ain’t from the NO man
Nigga i ain’t ya friend
I ain’t shaking ya hand
I’m just tryna blow man
I don’t want that hoe man
I’m just staying focused
I ain’t with the romance
They say I’m chosen lil Kodak keep it going
I was posted up all winter like I’m a snow man
They ain’t never wanna let me in i kicked the door in
Last nigga dissed me was pussy said he was joking
Oooh 2 door foreign bending corners on em
Leaning moving slow man walking like a old man
I swear my lil nigga need help he stay toting
He quick to give a nigga they mail like he a post man