King of the Dot – Ness Lee vs Pass Lyrics

[Round 1: Pass]
It’s Pass verse Ness Lee
This a long time in the making
Since the Grind Time days they was tryna find a stage ’cause the guy’s rhyming amazing
But not today, you get blindsided by the basics
Niggas ain’t got no love for you?
Well it’s a fine line with the hatred
Ain’t no commonplace I concentrate
In the confines of the cages
An Oakland nigga had to get more bars locked
This Guantanamo Bay shit
Face it
Ay yo Yung Ill!
It’s called Blackout, nigga, not back out
That’s a subplot
But what’s the blood clot they giving me
Fuck it, anybody can get it within a one-block vicinity
What, son forgot? How Yung not remember me?
Gun shot, one pop, unlock your memory
But Ness Lee: what you popping ’bout?
Shit this battle might be better as a boxing bout
Yeah I be saying shit that’s out of pocket, partner
Cause my partners will really turn your pockets out
Don’t get dropped in the place, that’s what this not about
But you can get clocked in your face if you don’t watch your mouth
And don’t be trying to say that you a D-boy
You got these people bugging
Only time you had dough on a brick it was a pizza oven
Cut the cheap discussion
You could be six feet deep for nothing
Death could be the repercussion
I put you to sleep you meet the Reaper cousin
Curse him while I curse him it’s the Reaper cussing
Learn this I’mma teach him something
Burn another leaf to function
Nigga I ain’t even wanna diss you for being on Interscope
I mean that shit is dope
But you supposed to be winning, folk
How you still living broke?
If you was ghost-producing, ghostwriting, giving other niggas your illest quotes
Just to get dropped and get no credit, I guess he still a ghost
But you still be like “Yeah I was on Interscope, it wasn’t no big deal”
Yo quit trying to be a humble bragger
You don’t even get enough credit for being Atlanta’s first mumble rapper
What’s up with this shit?
Quit running your lips if you gon’ stutter, stumble and mumble the shit
That’s wack, you Bernie Mac black sum’ of a bish’

[Round 1: Ness Lee]
I said P-Nut backed out in the last minute
Ay Aaron, thanks for fucking me over
But you light-skinded, you ugly, your name starts with P
And you a piece of shit
So I ain’t gotta write too much of this over
Lil’ nigga, what’s that shit you talking ’bout?
Lil’ nigga watch your mouth
You said this would be better as a boxing bout?
Nigga you see these guns, bitch I’d knock you out
You been spitting worthless verses lately
Even the way you word ’em’s lazy
If you hurt then take leave, you been looking nervous baby
We want that old Pass, that Wolverine berserker raging
I mean that shit used to look like a movie: ‘When Nerds Get Angry’
But you get more than you worth, you face me
I’m more well rounded than a flat-earther may think
If you don’t hate this herb then turn away please
When D’s search your place they’ll find you looking like you never learned to say cheese
I’ll break your sternum, leg, vertebrae, spleen
You’ll be laid stiff, with your eyes open
Shit look like you had a perverted daydream
And all that gaining your courage while you burn a grape leaf
Gon’ end up getting you high, wasted like Wird of Pley jeans
I am hurricane, swinging at a hurricane speed
I’m a deity, my claims ain’t as absurd as they seem
I could terminate your term in eight weeks
The term for how I determine what the detours meant to be determined
You heard of the verdict it’s curtains like the jury’s hating
He earned it
I line ’em up perfect
I cut his hair with Beijing
Short of breath, new colors in your flesh permeating
By the power that my arm forces you’ll be turning navy
You’ll see firsthand which way the pearly gates swing
After I lean him with a flurry Sigourney can’t weave
Then flee the scene before the police can get to the doormat
But I mentally go back: I’m thirty days clean
My mind’s cold and you don’t have a cure for brain freeze
I’m Herman Cain mean, a circuit training is my current main squeeze
If your main concern is safety make sure that your front line got perfect aim
But what’s a turret when Sherman tanks lead?
So they blowing up your head when they tell you you’re amazing
Charge into the game and you’ve incurred a late fee
Think you’re bigger than you are and you’re a Nate
Your innate ego that tells you that you’re an eight
Is where I’m urinating
I said you be going off in Oakland like a veteran do
But being good outside of Oakland is something you never could do
I said the Oakland Raiders have just been subjected to move
Outside of Oakland, let’s just hope that they can do better than you
You speak like you like to fight
Well indeed, I am intrigued
My mind is wired like a machine
Left straight real quick if my right don’t complete
LA Gears bitch, that means I’m light on my feet
And in my hood, they like to steal a nigga’s lighter then leave
But I misunderstood, I steal on niggas lighter than me
Rock ’em to sleep and peel off
If I say I leave this mark in the streets
Don’t be waiting for no tires to screech

[Round 2: Pass]
Man, you landed in Canada
Got excited just to be hanging out with a lot of rappers
I know I’m good if I hit the plug right before I hit the plane, I know a lot of factors
Niggas balling in the Six, but they not the rappers
Miss me with that bullshit, I’m Serge Ibaka but I dodge it faster
Ness pop back up, get your back popped
Now your posture back up
Can’t breathe, you need a oxygen mask
If we boxing back up
Man you look and sound dumb as fuck
I’ll fuck this whole function up
I’ll puncture your lung
I’mma jump for what
When I could split your middle like a blunt getting cut
And dump your guts
You supposed to be a legend
But why don’t you get paid more?
We can’t even evenly wage war
You sick, Ness but I’m cancer at stage four
What they bring you to the stage for?
You don’t gotta ask if this the best
This classic shit class dismissed to rest
Your shit’s a mess
Niggas wanna pass the litmus test
But Pass the litmus test
This some brand new shit that I had to dig for Ness
Switch the opponent on you, damn how much you get for Ness?
But these weak-ass rappers not showing up, that’s how you get finessed
Man I’m bringing that capital back to California
Shout out to Sacramento, but I’m from Oakland
Home of hieroglyphics, niggas tag your temple
Yeah, we don’t do the trust game
It’s like you gotta keep one in the car, that’s clutch man
When you ride with the shit, you drive with the stick
But it’s not just a Mustang, it’s a must thang
Niggas don’t bang colors so they just bang
But fuck that, yeah I like to scrap
I ain’t scared ’cause dog large, he goofy
I’m Gucci, we do it all hard
We squabble I leave him red black and blue like a squad car
Next to him I’m like a stick figure?
That stick figures, he off guard
My shit split ya’, I hit quicker
Big nigga we go hard
In this battle rap shit nigga I’m y’all god
I’m ominous, omniscient with it
I got a different vision
Trying to move these numbers
I’m an arithmetician
Like your crew get ate by the 4-2 but that’s quick division
Your bitch is tripping, pistol whipping
Crack your head can’t make up your mind
I make the split decision
I got it mapped out: fuck a resume, put the stats out
Every rapper got smacked out
So I had to come back out to Blackout and black out

[Round 2: Ness Lee]
I said you can aim it and cock it
Bang it and pop it
But I need you to come to this battle the same way you came to this battle:
Keep all that shade in your pocket
I remember when you had that classic matchup with Hollow, son
Niggas was debating, they ain’t know if you or Hollow won
They said that nigga Pass got the second, they gave Hollow one
Then Hollow battled Budden and Lux
And you battled…..nigga Hollow won
I said we been cool, I produced a couple songs for you
So as a friend I’m concerned your run was too long for you
‘Cause you been out here losing, nigga, this the zombie you
Nigga you lost to Bishop, what the hell is wrong with you?
I said you used to airing out and tearing down crowds and cheering out loud
But now all we hear around town is ’bout you wearing down, how?
‘Cause you been out here losing to your self
When you want me to take this mirror down, now?
They tell me Ness, bring the lyricism back bro
So I’m Christopher Rivers when he’s listening to Fat Joe
And I’m sitting in the château
I tell him how we similar then I sit him in my shadow
Woah, how this nigga think he winning when he that slow?
See how a pro laps him if I hit this little asshole?
He think it’s all cinnamon and apples till he get a Bender versus P Nut
Heavy coughing in the middle of his battle
I’m sending him and it’s intense
He’ll spend his life behind these bars, I’m ending him in a sentence
Points inside of points like independent in a pendant
And no matter wrestling match or crafting an effortless rap
I’m pinning him in an instant
Jeez, he’s ruthless
But you Stacy Dash when she play the preteen Clueless
At a hundred percent, you never seen me losing
Just be ready to go out like a PE student
Truly if you knew me then you’d know that this a new me
Like ring, ring ‘Who dis?’
I eat, drink, sleep, breathe clean sweep music
You see that he’s a beast, when you swing he do this
Weave, weave, weave, weave, weave, stupid!
Let’s get it clear, boy
We are not peers, boys
I see the future, you getting this joy here boy
I’m clairvoyant, there’s no avoiding, you hear boy?
And I feel like roasting, bring that ass here boy!
I said you old, we-don’t-know-what-you-are-in-the-race-ass nigga
You old, internally-conflicted-in-the-face-ass nigga
You old, whenever-you-hear-a-cop-say-‘Chase that nigga’
Your black side run
Your white side chase that nigga
And-that-backpack-you-be-wearing-is-stupid-face-ass nigga
You old, ‘I like to move it, move it’-face-ass nigga
Soon as you start to think you’ll see this geek son mean
Never forget, Warriors blew a 3-1 lead

[Round 3: Pass]
You ain’t just dark, Ness
Rest in peace to King Charlie Murphy, but you Darkness
My bad, you ain’t like that?
Well if you don’t you can get the world’s blackest violin
‘Cause every time I see you, I want to be like ‘Hello, dark Ness my old friend’
What you came out here to Blackout just to out-black me?
How special
I’ll bet you this crowd gets you
Well let me tell you, the only reason I even came out here was to out-Ness you
I’m a young black militant nigga with melanin
Done yapping, willing to settle it
Untapped skill set
Gun clap grill spill in your lap
You smell the evidence
Don’t get it then you forever dense
My name rose to prominence
Leave him defeated, he leaking, his confidence
Can see your stream of consciousness
But, can’t tell if you conscious, Ness
So, put the nickel to your noggin since
He need some common sense
Now I know why you not moving shit, with the music shit
It’s a lot of technical
Yeah you a rapper’s rapper, but it’s got the best of you
It’s like trying to push a wheelchair up stairs
It’s not accessible
But you just keep saying that you don’t want to dumb it down
And that’s how niggas with the most talent get stuck in the fucking underground
But I’ll never fall off, I just bounce back
And call y’all dumb
But you never even been on a platform that you could fall off from
Even though them white boys on King of the Dot don’t always say Ness Lee’s awesome
But, you just know how it to play it well
You gotta be like the least cool rapping nigga from the ATL
Like yeah, that way
You look like you work at a Subway
Yeah, that way
Your lips the same color as a ashtray
Hold up, wait a minute
You see how I did it?
When I come back out and black out my shit sound different
If you come to from a blackout you really sound different
I’ll be the last man standing when this round finish
I give, work to your block
I give your town bidness, nigga

[Round 3: Ness Lee]
Fucking wild, he said I don’t want to dumb it down, like that was true
Fuck is you talking ’bout
Nigga I had to dumb it down to battle you
I said Bender you used to be the main attraction
But he’s faded to black since
And fans still faithfully asking when we’re making it happen
Every time I’m not announced versus you, they get to spazzing
Like, ‘Where’s Bender?,’ I’m like, I don’t know
Somewhere painting some wack shit
Or music over battling
Considering how mild his morale is
I figured he’d be more radio active
Wanna see me and that little nigga spar
You gotta make that nancy care again
So I reach and hit him with a bar
But he might keep running
I mean, he did get washed by P Nut
And he ain’t nothing but like the light me or something
And if you keep writing you might delight me with something
Tell your chick I’m the shit, bitch, I might need a blumpkin
She slick like my dick print, invite me to luncheon
Some insight to live with you might be a luncheon
You get hype I Trick-Trick your life, repercussions
Your windpipe get slit with a knife, reconstruction
If you have any questions the class is in session
A couple more battles for measure
Then I’m snatching that necklace
A mean ‘bow will leave Rone with a lasting impression
Hello I am Ness
I can break ice in a matter of seconds
You haven’t noticed, P Nut got Pass in his presence
Man that nigga be rapping like Pass, like Pass isn’t present
Like you the old Pass
And he the Pass of the present
Passing with an impression of Pass
Like Pass’s past is impressive
That man done passed Pass in progression
Managed to catch Pass, and ran with it
Damn, pass interception
And y’all used to gas Pass
Now Pass ass and when you gas Pass you really pass gas by retention
And all that passive aggression in Pass’s aggression
Gon’ land Pass in a dream inside a dream
Y’all gon’ see Pass in inception
He get mad and try to take it past words
You gon’ need some caps, Wurdz
That’s password protection
This whole Pass section was for P Nut
As he’s made Pass an obsession
But I’m past that, now it’s a Pass intervention
I’ve already had a chat with Pass as a rapper and checked him
Now I have to rap with Alex Jenney, the man and the legend
You been lacking in your standards
And as a fan it’s depressing
Now your work is in jeopardy, Alex is Alex Trebek-ing
You gon’ be stuck here your whole life
You should use that as a weapon to lend your career its own ice
And you ain’t Alex Ovechkin

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