Horrible Histories – Charles II lyrics

My name is, my name is
My name is, Charles ii!

[Verse 1]
I love the people
And the people love me
So much that they restored
The English monarchy!

[Verse 2]
I’m part Scottish, French, Italian
A little bit Dane
But one hundred percent party animal

[Verse 3]
Spaniels I adored
Named after me too
Like me, they were fun
With a nutty hair do!

[Verse 4]
Is today my birthday?
I can’t recall
Let’s have a party anyway
Because I love a masked ball!

All hail, the king!
Of bling! Let’s sing!
Bells ring! Ding ding!
I’m the king who brought back partying!

[Verse 5]
King Charles, my daddy
Lost his throne
And kings were banned
They chopped off his head
Then Olly Cromwell ruled the land

[Verse 6]
Old Olly wasn’t jolly
He was glum, and he was proud
Would be miserable as sin
Only sinning’s not allowed!

[Verse 7]
When Olly died, the people said
‘Charlie, me hearty!
Get rid of his dull laws
Come back, we’d rather party!

[Verse 8]
This action’s what they called
The monarchy restoration
Which naturally was followed
By a huge celebration!

The King of Eng! (Land say!)
No sin! Too sing! (Okay!)
Or anything!
All say, I’m the king who brought back partying!

[Verse 9]
Great London Fire was a whopper!
In my reign, London city came a-cropper!
So this king did what was right and proper
Fought the fire, proved I’m more than a bopper
I’m a fire stopper!

[Verse 10]
Married Catherine Braganza
She was a love so true
There would never be another
Well… Maybe one or two!

[Verse 11]
Lucy Walter Nell Gwynne
Moll Davies Barbara Villiers
You think that’s bad
But her name’s not as silly as
Hortense Mancini!

[Verse 12]
As king, I must admit
I broke the wedding rules
But who cares when I brought back
The crown jewels?
I reinstated Christmas
Make up, sports and even plays
I was the merry monarch
They were good old days!

When said and done!
King Charles did run!
England for fun!
I was the king loved by everyone
My song is done!

Party anyone?

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