Former Yuck frontman Max Bloom goes solo, announces new album

Coming up with some of the ideas for ‘Pedestrian’ while out running, he explained his key inspirations in a statement.

“I was contemplating a lot of things when I was trying to come up with the lyrical themes,” Bloom said. “I listened to this instrumental a lot when I was out running, and I remember seeing the word ‘Pedestrian’ on a road sign. It made me contemplate what a pedestrian is, and what the word represents.”

He continued: “As pedestrians, we’re all trapped in our own individual worlds but when something cataclysmic happens, we’re all brought together. I think about death a lot, and I think about what humans are and whether we are the only intelligent life in the universe. So I guess this song explores both of those feelings at the same time.”

Giving fans a taster of what to expect from the album, Bloom shared its title track and accompanying music video – see it above.

Yuck’s split was announced on the 10th anniversary of the band’s self-titled album, which was released on February 15, 2011, and featured the singles, ‘Rubber’, ‘Georgia’, ‘Holing Out’, ‘Get Away’, ‘The Wall’ and ‘Shook Down’. That album was followed by ‘Glow & Behold’ (2013), ‘Southern Skies’ EP (2014) and ‘Stranger Things’ (2016).


In 2016, Yuck appeared on a tribute album dedicated to Elliott Smith.

‘Say Yes! A Tribute to Elliott Smith’ features 14 previously unheard covers of Elliott Smith songs, including ‘Ballad of Big Nothing,’ ‘Needle in the Hay’ and Good Will Hunting’s ‘Miss Misery’.



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