Chris Brown – Section One Hundred Billion

[Verse 1: HoodyBaby]
I don’t know how to do this shit
I wake up and just do this shit
HoodyBaby, I’m too legit
I’m the Boss, I made Hugo quit
I pull up in a 2 door whip
Make you go sick
Flip a brick, kick a brick
That judo shit
My niggas is serious
You niggas delirious
No stoppin’ us, period
I live at the dealership
Angry, a nigga rich
We want the bigger fish
Choppin’ ’til I chop with the mafia
Ask in my section, we popular
Popavich, we poppin’ shots

[Verse 2: Inch]
Pull up with the OHB, I mean war
I mean war, big russ war
Big russ wanna lick down your car
See me with the gang, better know that squad
[Verse 3: Young Lo]
If these niggas talkin’ reckless, see ’em on my necklace
100 round drum, niggas gon’ respect us
Mob ties, yeah I’m heavy with these accents
Hit the UK, I’m mobbin’ with the Section
Out here ballin’ since a adolescent
I was 15 when I start finessin’
Told a teacher fuck her math lesson
I was juggin’ through the whole class session

[Verse 4: Swift]
Trap money, I’m a trapper
My young boy was a Rihanna
Flash a blockia like a camera
Slap slap, that’s the hammer
Count grand to my nana’s
Sucky sucky, from [?]

[Verse 5: Section Boyz]
I ain’t endin’ a passer
Pass up if I catch a brack, you go back up
Get me down, I get back up
Yo mi casa es su casa

[Verse 6: Sleeks]
6 man in the van, that’s gang in the pan
That’s maceroni and pasta
Bring a nigga from a [?]
Girl climb on, know you want a ladder

[Verse 7: Littlez]
And keep climbin’
Cause she a bad bitch with her manner
I know a mad man with a dagger
That says, “Fuck feds and they camera”
Trappin’, pick up a brick
Rip it in bits, gone
I’m really livin’ this shit
Pick up a stick
You could see smoke like a bong

[Verse 8: Section Boyz]
Peng peng, wanna get groovy
Man I turn your girl to a groupie
Go ratchet tings too bougie
With a big booty and boobies
See the big tour man move bookies
Old school, mad bros, no new Gs
Roll with a clip like the movies
Man I kick man down like Bruce Lee

[Verse 9]
I got all these bitches, they [?]
They ain’t want me then but they want me now
Got that killer swag, watch ’em mime my style
I done stacked up a milli from petty crime
Got some new shoes off some new shit
This flow is like water need crew ships
My life is a movie, take your flick
It’s a foreign bitch cause

[Verse 10: Famous Fresh]
They know I’m flexin’
OHB and Section
.40 for protection
Hood stay connected
Blue bitches, we the 100 gang
Couple JLos, I’m a money train
Nigga been fresh, feds watchin;
Diamonds dancin’ like a Jabbawockee
Your bitch ride me like a Kawasaki
It’s Fresh, Hoody, it’s [?]