Busta Rhymes – Montana of 300 lyrics

Lyrics Montana of 300 – Busta Rhymes

My warriors
Be glorious
Twenty-eight, Twenty two, now stories up
So keep my dick up out your mouth don’t be twisting the story up
I’m from Chiraq but caught my first body up in Peoria
Hit you with no delaying
So what you saying ho
All my lyrics is groundbreaking that Super Saiyan flow
Yeah my .40 cal bang more
That pops off of Wayans bros
Wet up s**t like the rain though
This what we trained for
I am off of the chain hoe
Call me the Django
Rap god or the dang GOAT both in the same boat
On these tracks I’m Usian Bolt
Nothing has came close
This is what I get payed for
Dropping grenades hoe
Just bought broski a Draco
I give him the say-so
Black mask like he Space Ghost
Try me like Dej Loaf
I ain’t gotta call my hittas up I’ll come and get rid of you
Smiling looking sinister
Pull up in somethin’ tinted up
Body you and then I lay low like Forest Whitaker
Then go up lift my brothers and sisters like I’m the minister
I ain’t perfect with my kids if I ain’t working
I encourage higher learning I’m teaching through fire verses
Till the day we lie in hearses
I’m fighting the lying serpent
Ride and lurking
Hit you p*ssies make sure you don’t die a virgin
Johnny Torture
Tire burning.(busta rhymes)

I’m fancy like writing cursive
Rap God I’m way to real to have someone come write my verses
Dangerous versuri-lyrics.info
You know this ain’t a game to us
My bang will bust
These bullets hit your brains and guts
Get changed to dust
Ain’t no one else to blame but us
You strange to us
Fu niggas cannot hang with us
You lame to us
These other rappers plain to us
My labels tough
Like KD back with James and Russ
Word to my mother I’m
Eating like supper time
I come from trouble times
I knew the sun would shine
Im hot like summertime
Dreaded like Busta Rhymes
My girl so f*cking fine
Mo’ cake than Duncan Hines
They said Hip-Hop was dead
But i came just in time
My bars hold hella weight
B***h I’m just pumping iron
This is serious
These f*ck niggas on my dick and they fear me cause
I made them bleed like a b***h on her period
Banana clips for you monkeys if you curious
This is that part of chess
I got you all in check
They thought I wouldn’t make it
I made them all regret
I ball so f*cking hard
The ref might call a tech
Might hit the mall and flex
My sons and my daughter fresh
I’ll never sell my soul
B***h i won’t fall for that
You can’t get me to change
You got to call collect
Nike just like me my nigga I am a walking check
I’m more than blessed and more calculated than architects
I’m who they call the best
Flew from a falling nest
If I feel y’all a threat
We outside of y’all address
You don’ f’d up all black we dressed up
Put a clip up to his head give that boy a fresh cut
Driving dirty with no Ls i was living reckless
Swerving serving pounds just to get my check up
Had 20 on my wrist 20 on my necklace
Balled every time you see me just like Uncle Fester
I ran into the law man that s**t was messed up
Never fold under pressure mother f*ck them questions
Your niggas harmless; mine dangerous like Coolio
Don’t get nailed with this hammer I stay with the tooly, yo
I be strapped at every show even strapped at the studio
Just know that when you see these clips you ain’t watching no movie though
No I don’t give a f*ck who he run with or who he know
I bet I leave them in the past give it to them like Rubio
Aw s**t he catching bullets like Julio
I got green in my pants you just hating like Rufio
For acting funny like Chris Rock I’ll smoke them like pookie, hoe
I got powers like a monster and I’m saucing I’m groovy, hoe
And I’ve been rocking Bandannas since Weezy and Juve hoe
Yeah my belt and shoes Louis my glasses is Gucci though
When you hustling watch for rats man the s**t can get spooky though
You got to get it then get out I learned that from the movie Blow
SQUADDD!(busta rhymes)
Montana of 300 lyrics
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