Black Sheep – Do Your Thing Lyrics

No it just don’t stop, no it just don’t stop
No it just don’t stop, no it just don’t stop

[Intro: Lord C]
Yeah yeah, back up in this mothafucker once again
It’s the nigga Lord C, with my motherfuckin peeps
Mr Lawnge and Dres, from the Black Sheep
And they keeping it real, you know what I’m sayin?
And now they gonna do they thing once again
Cause it’s been a while
So yo God, what’s up?
Yo do your thing paw
[Verse 1:]
Kids rave and rant, yo they chant for the phantom
And some say handsome, they weed out, your ransom
Ask one, they’ll tell one, I do my thing well son
My name’s ringing bells come
To break your half nelsons
Immaculate Queens, general child
Headed for Federal wild, ahead of schedule
I jostle for revenue while
He was sound, I found my father was my rich figure
He used to hustle with the Father of his bitch nigga
I’ll squeeze the trigger, like it is my little sister mister
Twist a blunt with my wrist, and spark it up in front of this ‘ter
Sometimes, I hit Astoria, where niggas still play Corridors of Death
Before I go, I drop that one at the door of 2F
Whoever’s there, like I was, could probably use it
We couldn’t do shit but catch vic’s, and if the shoe fits, remove it
Tony Hands-high, Tom and Jerry, Scam squad
Yo my man was Sham God, growing up with J Cobb
Now in time, we went our parts
With the weight you inherit at birth, and the larcen in our hearts
Yo why do we laugh? tell me, why do we frown?
Why does Stevie wonder? yo why is James brown?
Some things are unexplainable, and some things just win
Yo, everything’s attainable, that’s why I do my thing

(Do your thing paw)
Yo times was hard
(Do your thing paw)
You can see my skin got scarred
(Do your thing paw)
Wildin’ on the boulevard
Making crazy noise with the boys, down to pull a niggas card
(Do your thing paw)
My projects gets devotion
(Do your thing paw)
Back my Mama did the Coco-motion
(Do your thing paw)
The buckwild kids, flipping pages on a notion
When you see Jaws, and now we’re ‘noid of the ocean

[Verse 2:]
Before This Or That could ever commence in my mind
I made the moon shine, like Capone committed crime
Was in my enzymes to rock it for times
And brothers that made G’s
Without a basketball or rhymes, please
I lock blocks, without a lead, I leave Cop hops
My brown flocks, smoking green crops, selling black tops
Summer of ’85, Prince and Rosie is the best
The blessed, justify with a pro, couldn’t fess
We never play brain, cause then you’re waiting for rain
Like a vet, I light a cigarette when I want the train
You can’t afford what I paid
With Sha-Gene, Born and Lord
And word to little rich kids about to get floored
By the pocket-picking, Philly licking, vic’ing individual
O.G. and that be, the god that’s original
Think about it baby, you know me
I tried to play low-key, but everybody knows
Where the toke be
Under your nose, I blow foes up like water
Cause, my crew make waves where you don’t even see water
I’d slaughter, long before you ever play me for a porter
And tell you to your face, you’re out of order

(Do your thing paw)
Hand to hand, the money in stacks
(Do your thing paw)
Snatching pocket-books to Russian mink hats
It’s a live show, gotta focus 5-O’s on the low
And it don’t stop Jack, until you stop being black
(Do your thing paw)
I never wanna be, any broker
(Do your thing paw)
I’m a first generation blunt smoker
Skill, the cypher gettin money, we’d build
When the spliff went around, right after English was spilled

[Verse 3:]
Now-a-day I lay like heroin was in my vein
I get nice, and think twice about the high price of fame
We don’t care, beware, if it moves, black attack it
My man Peewee bought a bullet, with his Red Alert jacket
Some of my peeps left wills, and others are owning buildings
It’s hard coming home, when there’s nothing that you’re skilled in
I, nowaday, put away rhyme and reasons
Cause some drive by, but in New York they lay and leave ’em
Nobody confronts, we hide behind guns and blunts
Now the powers that be happy getting everything they want
Cause now there’s a deficit, for lack of slave labour, por favor?
Somebody my peoples need a saviour
Peace to understanding my brother, understanding my brother
Every day the sun shines, love from your mother
God bless, the child that’s got his chrome
Yo nowaday, keep your problems kid, cause I got my own
The timezones, I Jones for my sanity, I told yer’s
I, woke up this morning and the world was on my shoulders
They say, I’m destined to repeat, we’ll see how fall that rise
So when you look up to my son, I bet you see me in his eyes

(Do your thing paw)
Sometimes, it makes your wanna holla
(Do your thing paw)
I do or die daily for a dollar
(Do your thing paw)
Kids dash, up out the Dollar hall without a pass
I gets cash, and plus I’m more creative than the class
(Do your thing paw)
I got the sound, you need not shove
(Do your thing paw)
Yo, there’ll never be another love
Fuck it in a bucket, cause my skill’s too big to tuck it
And the niggas at my back, would feel so cheated if I snuck it

Yeah, unh!
As we do, as we do, as we do
What we muthafuckin’ want to
Check it out, shouting out to my peoples
Wherever you be
Yo Big Val, Big Popote, AZ and Sess
Yo what’s up Vianca?
My man Jacque, my baby Nina, Bullock
Peace to Sayquan and Nanos
My man Steve O, and J. R
Yo Quran, what’s happening?
Michelle Stewart, and Shaka Zu
Yo Laurelton and Lafayette you know exactly how we do
Chi Ali, The Legion