Black Majesty – Guardian lyrics

Destiny hands of injustice delivered

[Pre Chorus]
What has been received is not always as it seems
Standing and alone the light fades as he leaves

Saviour be known
Say a prayer to keep us safe
Your words will prevail and set us free
Father of time the sands are drifting
Through your hands like water

Draining life controlled by a life of deception
He has seen the visions that guide us to wisdom

[Pre Chorus]



Life’s embraced denied is the moment of dying
Time is now relinquish your thoughts
And your demons

[Pre Chorus]


[Bridge 1]
He’s alive – standing right before you
He’ll show you a paradise
Time to change your ways

[Bridge 2]
There’s a life you left behind
Just a reminiscence of mankind
There’s a life you left behind
And now it’s gone
In time I’ll change my way

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