Andrew Jackson Jihad – Kokopelli Face Tattoo lyrics

I was a sexy little viper ruin
In the corner of a King Tut tomb
When the hate train started
Going choo choo.

I was a rat on a burning ship
When we sunk, our fire got put out.
It was just like the great plague,
It’s like the birth of underwear.

Hey dude I hate everything you do
But I’m trying really hard to not hate you
Hating you won’t make you suck any less

I was a wheel in a war machine
Now I’m a toilet in a restaurant
Somebody’s gotta do it
I know my place

I was a baby killing Cadillac
Now I’m a drug induced heart attack
Somebody’s gotta do it
I know my place

Have you ever wanted to be
Have you ever wanted wanted to see
Someone better, in the mirror

Have you ever wanted to go
Have you ever wanted to know
Somewhere greener, somewhere cleaner

I bet you got something beautiful in mind

They’re gonna beat me till I’m black and blue
Give me a kokopelli face tattoo
And I’ll tell you a secret
Christ is German for Williams

In the blood cult of the wayward youth
I’ve got a bad case of the yellow flashlight blues
Let me tell you some weird shit
Civil war, civil war